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Mediation is a method of dispute resolution whereby the parties retain a third-party professional to assist them in reaching an agreement.

This is a co-operative, problem solving process, where the mediator's role is that of a facilitator. The goal is to build consensus between litigious or potentially litigious parties.


Arbitration is a legal procedure where the parties agree to appoint a person, who becomes the arbitrator, to review the evidence and arguments of the parties and render a decision, called an award, which is binding.

Med/Arb is a two-step process where the parties retain one person to assist them in reaching a negotiated agreement, failing which they confer on that professional to make a binding decision. 


Navigating Justice through Advocacy


Assuming negotiation does not produce an agreement and alternative dispute resolution is not pursued, one party may commence a court case to change the status quo

In some instances, a court case may be necessary, including matters relating to parental alienation or child abduction.

Family Law Services

We can assist with a variety of different family law concerns:

Child Custody
& Parenting Disputes

Decision-making authority;
Parenting time;

High-conflict parenting disputes;
Parental alienation;

Grandparent access;
Tailored parenting plans.

Child Support

We will explore the difference between government-mandated Table child support and extraordinary and special expenses, Section 7 expenses;
Enforcement of support.

Spousal Support

Periodic or lump sum payments;
Tax benefits/consequences;
Enforcement of support.

Property Division

Asset evaluation;
Division strategy;
Division of pensi0n;
Issues pertaining to Matrimonial Home.

Separation Agreements

Assisting couples in reaching amicable agreements through mediation or negotiation sessions;
Legal compliance;
Document drafting and review;
Enforcement of agreements.

Marriage Contracts

Drafting contracts;
Disclosure requirements;
Post-nuptial agreements;
Conflict resolution;
Facilitating negotiations.

Cohabitation Agreements

Are you moving in with your partner and would like to know more about your rights and obligations?


Drafting agreements and/or Court Application;
Providing legal guidance and advice throughout the negotiation and litigation process;
Review and modification.

Analysis of
Expert Involvement

We know when to include a Certified Business Valuator on your matter;
Business Valuation vs. Income Valuation.

Parenting Coordination

We can assist to see if a parenting coordinator is right for your matter.

Chattel Division

Chattel division is the process of separating household items. Chattel division is not the same as property division.


Applying for a divorce to the court is an administrative process that we can help with. 
Looking to remarry? We can advise you what you need to get remarried after a divorce.


Competent family law services you can trust. 

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